Exercise Fitness Balance Board for Yoga Pilates Workout/Rounded Base

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NEW Balance Board with Anti Slip Surface Wobble and Rounded Base for Exercise Fitness Yoga Pilates Workout Rehabilitation

- Build Body Shape: This wobble board is a good body fitness tool for all ages and levels of ability to increase strength of your muscles, the more practice you get, the more perfect and healthy body you have.

- Durable and Convenient: made of high quality plastic keeps it last for long, can be widely used at Gym / family / office and outdoors.

- Improves Balance: Imitate all kinds of sports, Enhance lower limb strength and improve balance. Strengthen your body's response speed and adaptability, while developing hand-eye-foot coordination.

-Perfect choice for people who want to improve core strength, stability and Coordination

-Lightweight and portable, you can take your balance board wherever you go!


Material: Plastic Colour: Black Size: 40cm(15.74 in) * 5cm(1.96 in) Weight: 500g/1.1lb Suitable for Gym/ family/ office, indoor and outdoor fitness exercise