About Us

Joe and Oli joined together as training partners in 2007, Joe coming from Stratford-upon-Avon and Oli from Oswestry. Whilst under the guidance of their coach, Mo Hill, at Up and Running Shrewsbury, both Oli and Joe competed around the UK and Europe in middle distance events.

Between 2008 and 2010, Joe became Midland Champion over 800 metres in successive years and qualified for multiple International Qualifiers. Oli meanwhile ran 1min48s for 800 metres and finished 3rd in the National 800 metre final as an under 23, enabling him to compete in International races such as the Amsterdam Open and Danish Games.

Whilst Oli was at Loughborough (followed by Alabama) training among some of the fastest runners in the world, Joe gradually changed focus to concentrate on longer distance races. In 2012 he ran a 30min36s for 10k then followed this up with a 70min and 2nd place finish at the Shrewsbury Half Marathon in 2013. Oli went on to spend a period of years competing at a high level in Triathlons, in 2015 winning the Vitality World Triathlon in London among others.

Like the majority of athletes, our team have spent a large amount of time dealing with injuries and persistent niggles whilst trying to maintain a high level of performance. Studying sports injuries and therapeutic techniques enabled them both to stay healthy and enjoy their sport whilst putting down some top performances.

Joe and Oli were regularly seeing each other for treatment and guidance on staying injury-free whilst improving their performances (two heads are better than one!) and it was from fairly early on when they both concluded that they would form a partnership to help assist the residents of Shrewsbury and the surrounding area in their sporting performances and everyday physical activities. Additionally, bring to everyone the opportunity of getting premium products that are going to help to keep you injury free.

We have done the research on hundreds of products designed with the aim of improving productivity, health and performance. In this store you will find a selection of these finest products.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about our products. We will be happy to give you any advice.