Conset 501-29 Sit Stand Desk (Corner Top)

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Quality manufactured sit stand desk from Conset that is designed with a trimmed look but is also a heavy-duty frame with 125kg maximum lifting capacity. The frame includes anti-squeeze protections technology, which is configured to stop the desk-top descent when it comes up against an obstacle that is the same as the sum of the weight of the top of the desk and the items on top of it. This desk has a height range of 63cm to 130cm.

This Conset 501-29 desk is suitable for tall individuals, as it has the largest height range out of all the Conset models. However, with a highly stable three column system, it is also capable of decreasing to an extra low minimum height, which means it can also be used by children (standing or sitting). It also comes with a safety function that requires two buttons to be pressed at the same time before the desk height adjusts.

The corner desk top widths available are 160cm or 180cm for both halves, with the lengths at each end measuring 80cm (please see last image). This table has a third leg that connects two under-top beams to create the frame designed for the corner shape desk top. There are also a variety of desk top colours to choose from. Pick the style that suits your requirements or preferences the most.

  • Height Change Speed: 32mm/sec
  • Height Range: 63-130cm
  • Lifting Capacity: 125kg
  • Frame Weight: 47kg
  • Desk Top Width (for both halves): 160cm / 180cm
  • Desk Top Length (at each end): 80cm
  • Desk Top Shape: Corner