Conset 501-43 Sit Stand Desk (Rectangular Top)

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The quality manufactured rectangular Conset 501-43 sit stand desk is one of the most functional and strong of its kind on the market, complete with an elegant, lean square column design. The desk height has a range of 60cm, with the lowest being 65cm and the highest at 125cm, and can positioned at any level in between; ensuring the user of the desk can be sitting or standing with it at the optimum height at different times of the day if they require (or can be adjusted if a colleague needs to use the same desk at any point). Adjusting the height is straightforward, as it is changed by using an easy to use hand-controller underneath the top of the desk.

With the smooth sit-stand functionality, you’ll be able to move more when at your Conset 501-43 desk, which will help improve your posture and blood circulation; helping boost your productivity.

The 100kg weight lifting capacity means this desk will be suitable for use in many workplace settings, being able to carry lots of different equipment at the same time. It is also accessibility friendly, as it doesn’t have a crossbeam; therefore making it convenient for use by people in wheelchairs.

There is a range of rectangular desk top widths available (please see in the drop-down options), with the lengths all measuring 80cm. This choice of desk top size allows you to choose the most economical and space-suitable solution. The frames are available in the colours black, silver and white. There are also a variety of desk top colours to choose from. Pick the style that suits your requirements or preferences the most.

Can be delivered nationally and installation can be included with the item.

  • Height Change Speed: 32mm/sec
  • Height Range: 65-125cm
  • Lifting Capacity: 100kg
  • Desk Top Width: 120cm / 140cm / 160cm / 180cm / 200cm
  • Desk Top Length: 80cm
  • Desk Top Shape: Rectangular