Obusforme Low Back Support Cushion

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The original patented OBUSFORME Backrest Support

- Includes a patented lumbar pad that provides additional support for the lower back by filling in the lumbar curve
- Lumbar pad is removable and adjustable
- Lumbar pad may be placed inside the backrest by separating the seam at the back and placing the lumbar pad towards the front
- Scientifically proven to decrease pressure on the spine by up to 35%
- Provides relief form back pain by aligning the spine and supporting correct posture
- Engineered shape conforms to natural spinal curvature
- Convenient handle for portability
- Removable and adjustable lumbar support
- Contour cushioning provides supporting comfort

Size: 45cm (width) x 7.5cm (depth) x 53cm (height)