Obusforme Sit & Back Cushion

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- This flexible, contoured ergonomic design gives you the choice, providing soothing relief to those experiencing discomfort in their lower back, buttocks or both.
You choose to use it as a seat or a backrest!

- SUPPORT BASED ON YOUR NEEDS: The ObusForme® Sit-Back cushion is designed to provide ergonomic support and comfort for either your lower back or seat area
- UNIQUE CONTOURED PROFILE: Select between support for lower back and pressure relieving seating comfort
- MOLDED COMFORT: The thermo-sensitive high density memory foam cushion molds to your body for a custom fit
- USE ANYWHERE:Lightweight and compact for use at home, in the office or car, or on the go

Size: 15" (width) x 3.5" (depth) x 15.5" (height)

Colour: Black