Portable Lumbar Support (Inflatable)

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Transportable lumbar support that can be pumped up to provide lumbar support on most chairs, which is particularly useful if you have an office chair (or car seat) without much back rest support. With the quick-change adjustable strap, moving this type of device around has never been easier.

This back support can change in its firmness, which means it can be adjusted to suit the ergonomic requirement of the user on any given day, as well as for different people who may be using the same seat/desk (such as in a hot-desking environments). The cover is designed to be hygienic, as it has a washable cover which can be removed when it needs to be cleaned.

There is a choice between a standard or small size of this back support, please select the one that is most suitable for your requirements.

Dimensions: 32cm [Small] / 38cm [Standard] (W) x 18cm [Small] / 23cm [Standard] (H) x 2-10cm (D)