Score 959 Footrest

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Footrest designed for height changes (between 9-37cm) to be initiated with pressure from the foot on the button, which reduces strain from stretching, saving the need to leave your seated position to change the setting.

The angle of the Score 959 footrest can also be altered, tilting up to 22 degrees. The foot-resting area is large enough to be used by most foot sizes, and has a ribbed-style grip for optimum stability. The footrest has an anti-slip base which means it can be used on a wide range of floors, as well as having a weight limit capacity of 100kg. Therefore, the Score 959 footrest is a highly durable footrest as well as a versatile one. Comes complete with a warranty of five years.

Dimensions: 52cm (W) x 40cm (D) x 9-37cm (H)