VariDesk Exec 40 Standing Desk Platform

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This sit-stand platform is an excellent tall user worktop area VariDesk solution for adding optional standing functionality to a desk that can’t be replaced, as it can just be positioned on top of the current office work surface. With nine height settings, this riser is specially designed for workers with heights more than 6’11”, so that they can benefit from the advantages of using a VariDesk platform in the same way users of an average height can with the standard models.

By having two levels, this provides room for a monitor on the top surface and equipment such as keyboards and mice on the lower one. Complete with an easy to use handle that operates a spring lift mechanism, it is easier than ever to convert an office desk top from a sitting to standing position, changing from a seated position to a standing one in seconds.

The VariDesk Exec 40 can hold two PC screens, although it can also be transported around the office easily if it needs to be placed at another desk. It can be installed and ready to use in five minutes. The keyboard tray makes it easy to work from a more comfortable, ergonomic position; whether standing or seated. The keyboard height level can be changed by 35cm.

Allowing the user to sit and stand regularly will help limit stress on their spinal area, as well as increase their oxygen levels. The ease in which this riser can be lifted or lowered makes it a good accessory for hot-desking environments, where different workers are likely to require different workspace furniture arrangements.

This sit-stand platform is suitable for most desk tops and is easily configured as it is already assembled.

  • Dimensions (Worktop Surface): 101cm (W) x 49cm (L)
  • Dimensions (Extended): 101cm (W) x 71cm (L)